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New larger power connection

Monday 27 June 2016

Due to the rapid grow of the IT needs of our customers we needed to expand our power connection. For this expansion a new heavy power cable was needed. This cable runs directly from our building to the transformer-building.
With the new power cable in place we are able to provide 3 times more power then before. Enough to power our complete datacenter at 100% load.

Datacenter Enschede
  • InterDC Enschede Haven
  • Josinkstraat 30
  • 7547AB Enschede
  • The Netherlands
Datacenter Enschede
  • InterDC Enschede Marssteden
  • Marssteden 110
  • 7547TD Enschede
  • The Netherlands
Datacenter Hengelo
  • InterDC Hengelo
  • Sherwood Rangers 1
  • 7551KW Hengelo
  • The Netherlands
Datacenter Doetinchem
  • InterDC Doetinchem
  • Gildenbroederslaan 1
  • 7005BM Doetinchem
  • The Netherlands
Bank info
Bank: ING
City: Enschede
Country: Nederland
IBAN: NL11INGB0004893569