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Our datacenters have all the needed services such as firedetection, security system, emergency power, AC units and a meeting room... What about the coffee? Thats free of charge!


InterDC has 2 locations with a total rack capacity of 80, which together can house a total of 2500 servers. Both locations have the possibility to expand our data needs with an additional data-room.

Doetinchem specifications

The handoff of the Novoserve datacenter in Doetinchem will take place on April 1st 2021. After the handoff we shall upgrade the datacenter to the ISO27001 and NEN7510 norm. Currently the datacenter is already designed according to the Tier 3 specifications. The Tier 3 specification describes how the minimal expected availability of 99.982% can be guaranteed by use of redundant components throughout the datacenter (Power, Cooling and Internet). In total the datacenter Doetinchem location can accomodate 120 racks, for up to 5000 servers. With the possibility for a second datafloor we can nearly double the datacenter floorspace.

The transition of the Doetinchem datacenter from Novoserver to us will be executed seamlessly.


Datacenter Enschede
  • InterDC Enschede Haven
  • Josinkstraat 30
  • 7547AB Enschede
  • Nederland
Datacenter Enschede
  • InterDC Enschede Marssteden
  • Marssteden 110
  • 7547TD Enschede
  • Nederland
Datacenter Hengelo
  • InterDC Hengelo
  • Sherwood Rangers 1
  • 7551KW Hengelo
  • Nederland
Bank info
Bank: ING
City: Enschede
Country: Nederland
IBAN: NL11INGB0004893569
Chamber of commerce
Chamber of commerce: 08135503
Region: Veluwe en Twente
Vat number: NL8147.47.796.B01