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Our datacenters have all the needed services such as firedetection, security system, emergency power, AC units and a meeting room... What about the coffee? Thats free of charge!

Tier 3

Our datacenters meets the Tier 3 requirements. All components are N+1 at minimum. Our minimal uptime guarantee is 99.982%

Datacenter Doetinchem

We acquired the Doetinchem datacenter from Novoserve on the first of april 2021. First we changed the datacenter to the new standards, as it's now ISO27001 and NEN7510 certified. The datacenter is already designed according to the Tier 3 specifications. The Tier 3 specification describes how the minimal expected availability of 99.982% can be guaranteed by use of redundant components throughout the datacenter (Power, Cooling and Internet). In total the datacenter Doetinchem location can accomodate 120 racks, for up to 5000 servers. With the possibility for a second datafloor we can nearly double the datacenter floorspace.


The Doetinchem datacenter consists of approximately 2,690 square foot for a total of 120 racks and uses a raised floor system for optimal cooling. Cable management is placed on top of the racks. With a raised floor cold air is provided through the ventilations panels placed on the datafloor surface. The server racks are placed in a hot and cold corridor for the most optimal cooling performance.
For the near future we can expand our datafloor with a second room of 250m2 or 2,670 sq feet space.

The racks on the raised floor


The Doetinchem datacenter is secured by multiple HD cameras. The cameras are equipped with motion sensors which allows them to detect possible intrusions in a darkend environment. Physical access to the datafloor is regulated via access cards and unique pin numbers. In the event that someone loses his / her access cards, no access can be gained without the unique pin number.
Every camera, motion detector, light and doors are managed via our BMS (Building Management Software). In addition to security our systems monitors data from temperature, power usage and fire detection sensors.

Camera surveillance

(Emergency) Power

The electrical system is equipped with a Eaton UPS system for each feed (A+B) in combination with a Teksan back-up generator. Thereby every rack is provided with two redundant 3x16 Amp power feeds (No-break).

Teksan 450 kva power generator


The data and UPS room is protected via the VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) laser detectors. VESDA is capable to detect a fire in the very early stages. The moment the VESDA system detects a possible fire it will send out an alarm via our BMS (Building management system). Thereby hanging in the hallway leading to the datafloor are multiple CO2 fire extinguishers.

VESDA fire detection


The Doetinchem datacenter uses multiple redundant cooling systems from Stulz. Whenever one fails another takes quickly over.

The average maintained temperature in the datacenter is ± 24 degrees Celsius.

Chillers on the roof

Other facilities

InterDC also provides a meeting room and a canteen for lunch breaks.



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Datacenter Doetinchem
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